26. Juni 2014

Nice Summer Night Events this Week

This week we have already seen some very nice summer night events in Vienna:
1) The Great Export Awards of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
2) The traditional reception of the Luxembourg Ambassador
     on occasion of the birthday of HRH Prince Henry,
     the Grand Duke of Luxembourg
3) The national day reception of the Ambassador of Slovenia
4) The Grand Opening of the Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar
5) Summer reception of Business Consultants (Chamber of Commerce)

Some appetizers below ;-)

AND coming up this weekend (TGIF):
The great Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest) - Starting tomorrow!
This is the largest open air festival in Europe - Something very special. You will see! But here the other 5 great events of this week:

1) Export Awards of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
(more pics coming up)


2) Reception of the Luxembourg Ambassador on occasion of the birthday of HRH 

3) National day reception of the Ambassador of Slovenia
with a super raw ham and a mega deer chowder ;-)

4) Grand Opening of the Ruby Hotel & Bar

5) Summer reception of Business Consultants (Chamber of Commerce)

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