4. November 2014

"Osteria" Special - New & Great Osteria at the "Hauptbahnhof"

Looking for ....
Mega Savorous Pizza & Pasta? 
Next to the main entrance of the new Vienna "Hauptbahnhof" (Central Station) the "Heinritzis" - The Real Experts of great Italian Food in Germany and Austria now opened another top 
I know that you must get hungry looking at the pics below -
sorry for that ;-)

Here also some VERY savorous pics of the Grand Opening of the Osteria in the City of Vienna (Bräunerstrasse 11, 1010 Wien) earlier this year. Thanks to lovely Maria Clara, her really nice father, and her kind husband "in spa" & her really great Osteria Team - also for this great evening and the best antipasti EVER!!!

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