5. Dezember 2014

BallGuide 2015 - Highlights of Vienna Ball Season

The Vienna Ball Season is Coming Up!

I will report from some of the finest and most traditional Balls in the upcoming Ball Season. But if you want to inform yourself in advance of the topics and highlights of the new ball season please look into the Ballguide which was now presented at Gerstner`s Beletage in the most beautiful Palais Todesco near the Vienna Opera. Great finger food from most famous Ball Caterer Gerstner and Music from professional ball entertainers "The Rats Are Back". Here some very fine impressions from the presentation and some pics from last years ball session. By the way two of my favorate balls: The Offiziersball (Ball der Offiziere), 16th January 2015 in the Hofburg (this year celebrating 60 years of Austrian Forces) and the "Ball der Kaffeessieder" (6th February 2015) and the "Zuckerbäckerball" 15th January 2015.

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