22. März 2014

A ... Conda, a "Wildschwein"/wild boar, a Vernissage ...

A cultural friday night in Vienna: 
Viennese diversity! 
"Conda" Crowdinvesting Plattform - 1st anniversary
"House warming" party at Gerhard Wolfs graphic atelier
Vernissage & gallery opening at Paniglgasse 17a
and ... lat not least "Würstelstand"

Party Nr. 1: Crowd funding future:
First anniversary of CONDA!
Great spirit for a great creative future - 
therefore some magic pics - in the dark/out of the dark
Take a CLOSER look ;-)

Party Nr. 2: Vernissage at Paniglgasse 17a - a former bakery

Party Nr. 3: The fest of the wild boar - Great house warming at Gerhards atelier.

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