27. Juli 2014

Did you see?

You should/MUST also take a look at my elder 160 postings in the ARCHIVE!
Did you e.g. see my blog entry about
the musical premiere of "Mama Mia"? March 20, 2014
or the posting "Thx America"/"Eagles for you" from January 11, 2014
or Dürers famous rabbit in the Albertina? "Bravo Albertina" May 16, 2014
or great impressions from "Life Ball 2014" June 1, 2014

NO! Not Yet!

At the right side you find my BLOG ARCHIVE - please click on the month and select the posting you want to see!!!
You will be surprised!!
P.S. My next entries will also be exceptional ;-)
Please show my blog to your friends. THX!
Many more great postings coming up!

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