21. Juli 2014

More Great Posts & Drama Shots!

Here some first appetizers of:
2) e.g. a really nice "Swiss" summer night event in Vienna
at the summer stage ;-) Thx Swiss for the nice evening in Vienna!

- and as expected from me as a drama documetrary film director:
1) some nice screen shots of my drama film shootings over the last fortnight in Rome

Please enjoy these new impressions!
Many more great pics coming up!
But I also have to continue my intensive shooting for my 3 documentary films in progress over the next weeks ;-)
So I kindly ask again for some more patience over the next weeks, because I am very busy
4 ME & YOU ;-)

Roma - Uno dei miei grandi amori
Una città con molte sorprese ;-)
A city with many unexpected surprises ;-)
and good for numerous magic moments

"Swiss" (one of my preferred airlines) Summer Night in Vienna

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