11. September 2014

Action & Drama Experience Last Night!

Foodprint against a curious kind of courage
Oh Yes! - 
right now I have to take position against some curious "handl managers", against this kind of people with pretended courage but which do not have any "hands on" drama competence and do have no "sustainability" - if it comes up ... e.g. to competence in the kindly treatment of professional journalists and colleagues. People who maintain their own little private and old fashioned records without apparently being able to rise up to modern web x.0 journalism. Therefore here a "footprint" against this kind of yet institutionalized old fashioned mind.

Two events happening at the same time last night make it possible for me to express everything with 3 own pictures: so this is for you "old fashioned handl managers" ;-)

First the "footprint" picture of last night - THE PICTURE that mattered, THE picture that triggered a most curious treatment by the "courageous" henchmenThis picture was taken by me as a drama professional !!! under drama aspects. And it was taken backstage with Anna (after she agreed) - and she loves this pic and she wants me to put it online ;-)) what I am doing right now ;-)

and ... because ... drama needs another part in the setting: the big drama composition of events and behavior yesterday makes it possible: I combine the "foodprint"-pic above with a nice & special pic from the super film premiere of "Die Wälder sind noch grün" in the Künstlerhaus Kino/Theater in Vienna - also happening last night!


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