31. Juli 2014

Just in Case ... "We the people ... " - Some of my own paintings - 4 you ;-)

I believe! - At this time I should show you some more of my own paintingsThis time with the "Seal of the President of the United States" and some others with the exceptional magic and demanding words at the beginning of the U.S. Constitution "We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, declare ...".

Just in Case ...
you are interested to BUY one of my beutiful OWN PAINTINGS ( I am a drama film director - but I am also author and painter) - please contact me by E-Mail under:

La Chapelle - From a different, individual point of view! - Life Ball 2014 RELOADED Part 1

And again a very nice drama experience for you.
La Chapelle from a very special point of view!!!
in order to experience the drama (dramturgisches Konzept - - for my German speking community)

Here some pictures I took at the official press conference at the opening of the La Chapelle exhibtion in the Ostlicht Gallery
You should see this exhibition
Special Summer Tiop Nr. 3

28. Juli 2014

Roma Part II - just another great collection

So many more great pics in the pipeline ;-)
Here some more great impressions of my work as documentary film director
Shootings in Rome a fortnight ago
(More nice pics coming up later on)

Drama Experience

Dear Friends of my Blog Liebe Freunde meines Blogs (die 2Sprachigkeit kommt wieder)

Every single pictures you see on my culture blog is a pictures taken by my own. Sometimes I post a blog entry in order to give you a first impression, and some days later - while I am looking at my intensive film work - I make some adoptions or additions. Since my blog is almost "silent"  - since I let my picture talk to you, the drama composition of my pics is very important and magic. So if you did e.g. occasionally look at my last but one blog entry "Haus des Meeres/Aquarium" before 11 p.m. tonight - please take a look again. You will notice a very fine drama difference ;-)
Enjoy yourself on my blog ;-)

27. Juli 2014

Did you see?

You should/MUST also take a look at my elder 160 postings in the ARCHIVE!
Did you e.g. see my blog entry about
the musical premiere of "Mama Mia"? March 20, 2014
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or Dürers famous rabbit in the Albertina? "Bravo Albertina" May 16, 2014
or great impressions from "Life Ball 2014" June 1, 2014

NO! Not Yet!

At the right side you find my BLOG ARCHIVE - please click on the month and select the posting you want to see!!!
You will be surprised!!
P.S. My next entries will also be exceptional ;-)
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Many more great postings coming up!

26. Juli 2014

Vienna Aquarium in Old Flack Tower (Special Summer Tip Nr 2)

Haus des Meeres/House of the Sea
in Vienna - a very special "Aquarium" in an old Flack Tower from WW II
a great experience for the whole family
Special Summer Tip Nr. 2
Some more nice pics coming up!