21. Oktober 2015

The Frank Sinatra of Vienna/Ottakring

Last night the publishing house Lammerhuber presented one of its new and outstanding publications - a book on Kurt Girk, the "Frank Sinatra of Ottakring", a great performer of the famous "Wienerlied", the very special and unique kind of music celebrated at the Vienna Heurigen. The Titel of the book says it all: "Kurt Girk - Es is a oide Gschicht, a Herz so leicht zerbricht. Küssen! Singen! Trinken!"

20. Oktober 2015

"Wenzels Kirtag" - Czech Embassy in Vienna

Great evening in the Czech Embassy in Vienna to celebrate the holly Wenzel. Great Czech beer und food. Thx Ambassador Jan Sechter and the Region of Olmütz, the singing and dancing group Hanácká Mozeka Litovel and the Old Time Jazzband.