16. Januar 2015

Final Curtain for Richard Wagner Festspiele in Wels?

Over the last 20 years brave, brilliant and strongly motivated Renate Doppler - Director of the great Richard Wagner Festival - guaranteed in the city of Wels in Upper Austria High End Operas from Richard Wagner. This year might be last curtain for Wagner in Wels - because the city might no longer be willing to support this great opera initiative with a subsidy of € 250.000 for next year. Such a production needs more then € 800.000.- even when the artists and opera singers are willing contribute with moderate salaries. Here some nice impressions of the press conference in Vienna at Do&Co near St Stephen`s Cathedral. "Tristan and Isolde" and "Tannhäuser" will be performed this year in Wels Mai 17-24. Hopefully not for the last time. Conductor: Ralf Weikert.

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