1. Januar 2015

Neujahrskonzert - New Year's Concert

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
The most relaxed way to "consume" the famous "Neujahrskonzert" of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Wiener Philharmoniker is to open a nice bottle of Champagne on the side of wild salmon and a soft boiled egg with some caviar and fresh toast - and watch these fantastic Viennese new year`s greetings "on the couch" ;-) Here some "private" impressions from my own traditional celebration of the New Year`s Concert. The salmon on a plate from the great "Le Train Bleu"-Restaurant in Paris (Guide Michelin) and the coffee in a cup from the exceptional "Traiteur Fauchon" (also in Paris). My private "mise en place" for the "Wiener Philharmoniker".

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